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Vehicle & Fleet.

Optimal Protection for Your Fleet.

A split-second lapse in attention, and a minor dent can have significant consequences – not only in financial terms but also in human terms. To insure your company vehicles, whether it’s the executive car, service vehicle, the semi-truck, or their occupants optimally, we offer tailored corporate solutions. Customized to your needs and requirements, we present various options to ensure that, in the event of damage, both the vehicle(s) and the involved individuals are adequately protected.

Business Clients

Interested in a Non-binding Consultation on "Vehicle & Fleet"?

As a company, receive everything you desire and, most importantly, need in insurance from an experienced source. Callenium provides individual, transparent, and independent advice, offering solutions that align with your industry and specific risks. From occupational pension to business liability to cyber insurance – consult with us and secure a partner for the future who offers genuine service, not just products. If you’re interested in a non-binding consultation on “Vehicles & Fleet,” we are here to assist you.

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